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Why am I eligible to jot down this article?

Let Maine clarify you all one factor, why am I eligible to jot down this article? as a result of i used to be in such a state of affairs in my life a year back that I had to jot down regarding one thing i used to be not acquainted with. the subject was regarding ‘DevOps,’ it's a package word and a method of cultural modification in organizations. i'm not a technical person or has any expertise writing technical articles however I even have written eighty articles on ‘DevOps’ to date and thirty alone on DZone, one among the world’s best developer communities. In fact, I conjointly own the guest blogging contest organized by putlocker for obtaining a lot of views on my articles last year. Hope currently it is sensible for many of you to scan this text more.

Note: this text isn't for somebody WHO is extremely new the blogging world. as a result of i feel writing is Associate in Nursing art and to develop any art, you need some pre-preparation and a precise level of experience.

Here you go, you have got received the authorship rights on your favorite publication that publishes a broad vary of topics. you have got an excellent subject and title on your mind, however there area unit several articles on the net individuals have already written regarding the subject of your selection. What’s next? be after of the box. think about another niche topic which will get you on a spotlight if written well. Yes, one thing that is new, in demand and barely written. i feel several of you would possibly have come upon such things wherever you are trying to jot down one thing that's unknown to you, and it's not getting to be simple similar to the opposite articles. 

So, here area unit some suggestions which will assist you write articles regarding unknown topics higher,

1. Set Google alerts

Decide five to six focus keywords that your unknown topic resonates with, attend ‘Google Alerts’ and set these keywords to induce daily articles on these subjects to your inbox. scan the articles to induce in-depth data regarding the subject.

2. scan common articles

Go to ‘BuzzSumo’ and find most shared articles for your focus keywords. Analyze and see however these articles are written. scrutinize however the authors have started the start of those infective agent articles, as a result of that's what binds the readers and gets their attention quickly to remain on the page. Write down catchy sentences and quotes whenever you discover them.

3. build a list

Now that you just grasp the favored articles regarding your unknown topic, build a check-list for your story. All the items it ought to have in it. Again, take any common article from BuzzSumo and see its structure to induce an inspiration.You should delete all of this text and replace it with text of your own. You can modify any text on your page with the Text formatting tools at the top of the page. To add other content, use the Media and Add-ons tabs. If you'd like to change your style template click on Styles. To add or remove pages use the Pages tab.